Principal Message

A psychological fact is that the impressions cast till 3 years of a child remain imprinted for the rest of her/his life. The avowed goal of crayons is all round development of the child. To execute the vision of Crayons Playschool into reality is a serious responsibility. I will do everything under the sun to ensure that our vision is realized into results in a happy, caring environment. We are thankful to Shri Rakesh Kumar Gupta and his team for their enthusiastic support and for creating the best possible infrastructure.

As the name itself forms an idea, crayons is a tool to bring out colours. Crayons will make the child's day to day life bright and beautiful through colourful creations in all aspects of life.

Our aims for every child at Crayons are:

  • To secure admission to the best formal school(s).
  • To nurture the child so that s/he blossoms to her/his highest potential.
  • To instil self-confidence, love, care, happiness, social adjustment and creativity.
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